First phase: saving the factory, the interior and all the archive

Our first goal is to save the Fotokemika factory, the interior and all the archive.

When we started our project, we realized that the two of us weren’t able to save Fotokemika’s heritage on our own and that the responsibility to save it lies in the hands of several different people and organizations.
We contacted the Croatian Minister of Culture. Her minister concerned with the cultural heritage of the Zagreb County, in which the factory is sited, has taken an interest in the case.
We also succeeded in obtaining the support of two of Croatia’s influential museums: The Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Technical Museum, both situated in Zagreb.

Meanwhile we are searching for evidence proving the financial benefits for businesses to invest in cultural heritage and the win-win situation that will result.

We are writing a business plan with which we want to connect with several partners and prove the big international interest, and the financial benefits of saving the Fotokemika factory and heritage.

If you have helpful insights on positive financial benefits or similar projects in cultural management that could be useful in negotiations in preserving the factory, please feel free to contact us!

Unfortunately in spite of our efforts, we discovered in December 2012 that quite a few machines had been moved out of the factory. Sadly, this means we won’t be able to produce any eFKe film on the original machines in the original way.
We were of cause saddened by this fact, but this hasn’t discouraged us from working to meet our goals! Mind you, the factory isn’t empty; there are still some machines left!

Our objectives are:

Phase 1

  •  To save the factory and all that is inside it: the few machines that are still in there, the furniture, the thermometers, wall posters and all the archives.

Phase 2

  • To convert the factory into an authentic museum.

Phase 3

  • To expand the archives by documenting as much information as possible, as a lot of valuable knowledge of this historical filmmaking has not been recorded and is known to no other then Fotokemika’s specialized former employees.

Phase 4

  • To set up exhibitions unveiling the history of the company, the techniques and showing how Fotokemika was part of the employees working and private lives.
  • To create a visual overview showing the export lines and how the films were part of people’s lives all over the world, covering the fields of commerce, industry, fine arts and the social aspects of an era.

Phase 5

  • To work together with local and international artists, combining the old techniques and knowledge with the magnificent possibilities of today, as history is part of the present and the future.
  • To organize events and manifestations.

3 Responses to Goals

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  2. jojonas~ says:

    I would love if you decides to make the results from Phase 3 public so anyone could continue working with what Efke brought to the market 🙂

  3. Diederik Müller says:

    Please send me an update of your progress.
    I still have a few Efke films which I use sparingly.

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